P&G enhances commercial laundry product

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Procter & Gamble Co. on Monday launched Tide Professional Whiteness Enhancer for commercial laundries, a non-bleach rinse aid, it says rejuvenates and extends the whiteness of fabrics.

“The enhanced Tide Professional Laundry System ensures that our customers are getting the most out of every laundry dollar spent,” said Eric Hetrick, P&G Professional North America commercial director.

“Our newly formulated products can actually bring new life to older linens and our near-neutral pH system can help preserve fabric fibers instead of breaking them down like standard alkaline laundry products. Considering how important linens are to the guest experience, this improved system is an investment in the bottom line for our customers.”

P&G Professional’s enhanced Tide Professional Laundry System was developed to improve the performance of on-premise laundry operations by incorporating new cleaning technologies. The system encompasses four professional-strength products:

— Tide Professional Whiteness Enhancer – A non-bleach rinse aid that uses Triple Action Whiteness Technology to rejuvenate white linens.

— Tide 2x Professional Detergent – Laundry detergent that uses proprietary enzymatic technology to deliver Tide’s signature clean.

— Downy(R) Professional Fabric Softener – Dye- and perfume-free fabric softener.

— Clorox(R) Bleach – Laundry bleach that eliminates residual color from stains.

Source: http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20100927/BIZ01/309270026/P-G-enhances-commercial-laundry-product

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