New York Times article addresses issue of hospitals need to reduce medical waste

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“The healthcare industry has a garbage problem.”

That’s how the article written by New York Times reporter Ingfei Chen introduces the topic well known to healthcare operators in the textile services industry. Namely that healthcare organizations produce billions of pounds of medical waste each year due to their reliance on single-use disposables. A problem that is largely resolved by increasing their use of reusable textiles, especially in the operating room.

While the article tends to focus on reprocessing disposable items, ARTA’s partner Practice Greenhealth is quoted, as well as Fairview Hospital (a case study for the LCA conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP).

ARTA will be working with Practice Greenhealth to help educate hospitals on reducing medical waste by increasing their use of reusable textiles.

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