HLAC Advisory Committee Ad Hoc Task Force: Project CW

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HLAC is calling upon all interested parties to participate in an ad hoc
committee to investigate and report on the challenges that healthcare
laundries with conventional washer/extractors face in achieving
accreditation. Please see the attached abstract for a description of the
scope of the project.

Date: October 2010

HLAC Advisory Committee Ad Hoc Task Force: Project CW


In the healthcare textile processing industry, tunnel washers provide an excellent way for a laundry facility to create a work pattern that supports functional separation of soiled from clean reusable textiles. For laundries that do not have tunnel washers but use conventional washer/extractors, or washers and separate centrifugal extractors as primary methods of washing, achieving functional separation can be a significant challenge unless the facility has implemented additional policies and procedures. 

The purpose of Project CW will be to develop a Best Practice document that provides guidance and recommendations for facilities utilizing conventional equipment that can help a laundry meet the functional separation requirement as required for HLAC accreditation. The Best Practice document will reference the Accreditation Standards for Processing Reusable Textiles for Use in Healthcare Facilities as its primary source and justification for creation of the document. This Best Practice document will also incorporate basic infection prevention concepts such as hand hygiene, work flow patterns, PPE, equipment cleaning & sanitization, bloodborne pathogen references and more, as well as a bibliography to further validate its recommendations and provide additional guidance to the reader.

Targeted Completion Date: TBD


HLAC believes this is an important aspect of the healthcare laundry industry
that should be thoroughly reviewed to help the industry assure the users of
healthcare textiles that the textiles are hygienically clean and that
patient safety is protected.


Leading the effort will be Bill Mann and Rick Kislia, both current members
of the HLAC Board of Directors. In addition, Nancy Bjerke, current vice
chair of the HLAC Board, and Steve Tinker, Advisory Committee Chair will be
involved with this ad hoc group. If you are interested in participating in
this project, please let us know. A teleconference meeting will be set up
in the near future to begin the discussions. If you cannot participate but
would like to submit your any best practices, procedures or suggestions as
it relates to this topic, please feel free to forward that information to
Rick Kislia (
rkislia@crescentlaundry.com) or Bill Mann (bmann@trsa.org





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