DEL Ozone Appoints Joel Peterson as President

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DEL Ozone’s Board of Directors appointed Joel Peterson as President of the company effective December 6, 2010. Peterson was promoted from his position as vice president of finance, a job he had occupied since 1992.

San Luis Obispo, California. December 7, 2010 –– DEL Ozone announces the appointment of Joel Peterson to serve as president of the company effective December 6, 2010.  The Board of Directors selected Peterson for the position based on his expertise in the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the company’s advanced ozone sanitation solutions.

With DEL Ozone since 1992, Peterson has helped to shape the company’s corporate strategy and planning through his responsibilities as the vice president of finance, the position he occupied until his appointment as president. 

In this prior position, he served as the liaison between the company’s Board of Directors and staff. He was also responsible for managing corporate year-end reports and audits, legal compliance, financial structure, inventory management, and operating budgets. He interacted extensively with external accountants, bankers, suppliers and customers to coordinate DEL’s operations with market partners.

Peterson’s successful track record at DEL Ozone coupled with his existing  relationships with DEL’s existing employees and customer base is expected to lead to a successful transition for Peterson in the role of president. Going forward, Peterson emphasizes the leading technology positions of DEL and its strengths as the preferred provider of ozone sanitation solutions.  He says:

”I look forward to leading the growth of DEL Ozone in both existing and new markets for ozone sanitation.  Our world-leading applied ozone technology and long-standing commitment to outstanding customer service programs have already given us a competitive edge. As a company, we will continue to identify and pursue high value opportunities that align with our market strengths.”

DEL Ozone operations will continue to move in the strategic directions previously established by the Board. The company is creating new high value programs like the DEL Clean Ozone Laundry Program, the DEL  Aquatics Program, and innovative new products like the DEL Pure Advanced Plasma Gap ozone generator.

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