100% steamless laundry plant re-dedication

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Haverhill, MA 10/7/2010–   American Laundry Systems Announces the re-dedication/plant opening for West Michigan Shared Hospital Laundry Services.

West Michigan Shared Hospital Laundry Services recently re-dedicated/opened what is slated to be “the most technologically advanced Healthcare laundry plant in North America!”  It’s the first of its kind, completely 100% STEAMLESS!

Before the plant retrofit, WMSHL was processing 28 Million lbs/year in a 1970’s, 45,000 square foot facility.  It had outdated equipment and an antiquated process water system leaving no room for additional growth.  American Laundry Systems was contacted to review the project feasibility of a new plant or retrofit the existing plant,  complete a laundry conceptual design, equipment sizing and evaluation, RFP Preparation/RFP Review, plant design and utility infrastructure design, building expansion – construction process, equipment installation and process piping and finally start up, training and commissioning.  A deciding factor as to why WMSHL decided to retrofit was the cost of doing so was 50% less than building new. 

“The main reason American Laundry Systems was chosen for this project was our ability to think outside of the box and offer an alternative option to building a new plant.  Our unique ability to offer our customers complete in house consulting, engineering, installation, construction & project management services from green grass to expansion and retrofit allowed for a savings in the region of $12 Million.” said Gerard O’Neill, President/CEO of ALS.

After the retrofit the plant capacity increased from processing 30 million to 60 million pounds/year. It increased from 45,000 to 75,000 square feet in production area in a steam free plant with state-of-the-art energy efficient equipment.  Better equipment, layout and better flow all contributed to a positive environmental impact and higher efficiency in the production areas.  New equipment was installed throughout the entire plant and the retrofit was completed in various phases without ever shutting down the facility or interrupting production. 

“There’s room now to wash up to 60 million pounds per year.   This gives us the ability to add more pounds and, at that time, add more employees.  We had to continue to get bigger and we were limited in our ability to do that in our old footprint.  We retrofitted the entire thing. We replaced the entire infrastructure. It’s virtually a brand new laundry!” said Duane Houvener, Executive Director of WMSHL.

A key mention in the plant retrofit was the positive environmental impact.  Annually WMSHL has reduced their natural gas consumption by 40% (255,734 therms), 2.8 million pounds of carbon dioxide is being kept out of the environment, they reduced water consumption by 50% (28.7 million gallons) and proven 40+% decrease in natural gas use with the new equipment.  The adoption of “steamless technology” improved their overall efficiency (PPOH) and is allowing for 100% production growth possibilities.  

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